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Tuberculosis Skin Test Results Interpretation

If an individual has recently gotten a Tuberculosis skin test, it is likely because t is either apphis person is either applying for a new job, works in a position that causes exposure to Tuberculosis on a regular basis, or exhibits other forms of high risk behavior for contracting the disease. For many, receiving and understanding the Tuberculosis test results can be a challenging and frightening time. Sure, the doctor or certified test performer may share the results in a very basic way, only explaining whether or not there has been a positive Tuberculosis skin test or negative Tuberculosis skin test results, but the test giver rarely explains what Tuberculosis is and how the person may contract it. Tuberculosis of skin is never a good thing to have, but knowing how to take the entire test and what the results mean can be of great aid. This is especially true if the patient is uneasy about what is happening after the test is performed and what these reactions mean.

First of all, most people will not be given this type of skin test. In fact, it is reserved for those that have tested positive for Tuberculosis in the past or who live in close proximity to those who have, individuals infected with an immune system threatening disease or who exhibit other illnesses or conditions that put them at risk for contracting Tuberculosis, health care workers, childcare workers, those entering a new school or working environment, those who are pregnant, and citizens or former residents or recent visitors to a high risk country for Tuberculosis. If a patient is ever given this test without meeting any of the above criteria, it is important that the individual ask why the test is being performed.Usually, this will mean that the patient is at high risk for contraction without realizing it or understanding why. Knowing and understanding this reasoning can help lessen the chance of contracting the disease.

During the test, a needle is injected into the skin. Swelling, pain, and bruising around the injection site are totally normal and are a result of the shot itself. Patients should be alarmed, however, if a red and raised bump forms around the site. This will often indicate a positive test result for Tuberculosis. The site will be inspected by the practitioner after forty eight to seventy two hours and a result will be determined. Do keep in mind that false positives may occur and that a re test will likely be required. If the patient does end up having a true positive, there are antibiotics and other types of treatment that can help. Even once the disease is cleared from the system, positive results may occur but the reasoning behind this is usually put on file. If it is not and it is keeping the individual from employment or other situations or circumstances in life, the patient should seek assistance from the local record keeping bureau, usually the health department in the area. In short, no one enjoys having to go in for and dealing with the ordeal of a Tuberculosis skin test, but it is beneficial for the community as a whole.